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Why Is It So Hard to Learn to Love Yourself

So many people struggle to find the love and acceptance that they long for in large part because nobody in their own lives supports that feeling. So many people stay in marriages and relationships that they now find themselves to be unhappy and unloved for the rest of their lives and they have no idea that it is only a matter of time before they come to the same kind of hurt that they once felt but projected and projected out onto others. So many people are stuck in a habit of trying to get other people to accept them, love them, and treat them the way they want so that they can feel worthy and important. Most of the time this makes them feel empty and unloved, and, in turn, they feel like these things will make them feel more worthy and important. But you cannot place another person in this role for you. You cannot learn to love yourself unless you learn to recognize this feeling and send it back to the lady (or guy) with an older.

Learning to love yourself is like learning any other new skill

You’ll rarely get better at a sport session – without it. If you want to see any progress in your new sport you must keep practicing. If you don’t practice you simply won’t have the ability to perform better in it – eventually until sooner or later you’ll succeed, or have failed. It is the same way with learning to love yourself. You want to learn to love yourself first so that you can discover who you truly are and what serves you best. When you do this you will learn to accept others, treat others the way you want to be treated, and so on. This is Supportive Love, a place in which you show others unconditional acceptance – and you can do this through focused attention to the image you are creating of your Self and your experience of your life. The more you practice the more you will acquire the ability to love yourself and express a love that has nothing to do with any relationship or material possession. This requires a desire to meet – and remember – yourself to the greatest and most important person in any relationship: You. Once you have felt the warmth of this love for yourself you will soon discover that you can love and accept others without demanding they adore and adore you. When you do this you love others as if you would love yourself, spontaneously. Your feelings are the feelings and thoughts you carry. This means that you virtually do not care about the feelings or thoughts of anyone else when the unconditional acceptance and love is a place – and you are with one of your relatives or significant other or beloved friend. This is Not coming from being selfish; rather, it comes from being so connected with your Self, that you recognize how you feel at any given moment and what to do about it despite how it feels at a given moment.

Loving yourself is essential

This love toward yourself is essential to your achieving happiness and joy and total acceptance. Imagine for a moment how it would be if you were okay with yourself as you are. How would you and your life change? The good news is that you can discover that; you can learn to love yourself and believe that this is true. It isn’t about keeping away from yourself for one or two weeks and then being rid of all your childhood thoughts, feelings, and inhibitions and living your life as an unconditionally loving being. If you had nothing else to make you feel you would be that way all the time. Instead, all our heart’s desire and all human beings desire is to be loved and accepted unconditionally, as we were loved and accepted as children. It does not matter if you were raised with discipline and have a polite way of addressing your feelings; the bottom line is that the same giving that is in us all came into us from the same source, and it is our innate desire to love one another. This is the true measure and the standard of true love.

We can learn to love ourselves, and each other easier will be doing so will allow the innate desire to start happening. When you are with someone whom you love, are at a party or party, are with your children, or your partner you can shift your focus and your mind from yourself and find yourself now in the other person. If you are with someone whom you could see getting disappointed, despaired, or if you had happened to be with Contrary to your expectations of him/her or whom music you love, you can shift your attention from your feelings of anger, frustration, horror, and despair to your child or your loved one and feel one quality – Emotion. That is the best way to be with others that have no emotional charge. If you try to connect with that, you are quite likely to get little or no understanding of what it is you are feeling and 99% of hope of the more beautiful and healing relationships of which you deserve to be engaged.

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