Why Do Men Wear Vests

Why Do Men Wear Vests

In the 18th century, men wore coats, which later became much shorter. In the 19th century, a man’s suit has become much stricter, so the vest often became his only decoration. Dandies of the 19th century wore vests, first of colored cloth, then plain. Then wearing two vests simultaneously became fashionable. As far as we know, evening dandies of the last century wore vests of silk satin.

In the early 19th century full dresses became all the rage. Vests though not required for the full dress were still worn for special celebrations. Still today, vests have been a nice additional decoration, especially on wedding days.

Today’s vest is not much different from the original fashionable full dress. Most are worn under a coat or suit, but there are still those that follow the fashion of old and wear them as outerwear.

Depending on the occasion, and the gender of the wearer, vests can be used as both formal and informal decoration. They are moveable, so easily removed. They come in a wide variety of colors, both in solid tones and nearly unthinkable colors. Some are tie-dyed, others are just plain blue or black. Some are embellished with lace, ribbon, or trim. Many are patterned in fashionable styles, covering the bare minimum or nothing at all. The necklines draw strut when they are V-squared or have scooped necklines.

The traditional Vests

The traditional vest is narrow, either with a crinoline like a collar or an outline edge of a petticoat. These are usually made of warmer fabrics like wool or cotton. Traditional vests, or better yet, Evening Dresses can be just the right addition for that party. Vintage Comfort vests are pretty timeless. They are pretty understated so can be matched with any shade. The plain ones can give mystery to the situation without saying that you are trying way too hard. Well, it was a good try. No wonder men still want them. Another thing is, if you are shying away from classic pieces, these are smart investments to make.

You can dress up or dress down easily with this latest fashion. You can even throw it on over your suit when the time comes. As far as styles, anything goes. You can see ladies wearing them to the office, at the dining, or any other occasion. Let’s face it, it’s a fashion that looks good no matter what the occasion is. Ladies, particularly those with the bottom-heavy body shape may want to get them in their closet as these vests are known to beautify their figure.

As far as I’m concerned, these are some of the most flexible aspects of fashion. You can wear a vest as outerwear, and it will always give you the perfect look. You can also layer it with the shirt underneath, which gives the perfect slimming effect. You may think it won’t look good over a button-down shirt and jeans, well it doesn’t. Another way to use the vest is to pair it up with your black leather jacket. That way, you get the perfect biker chic, without having to give up essential comfort.

Celebrities wear vests

And finally, the celebrity’s secret on keeping their signature vests in shape is wearing less is more. Celebrities wear plenty of casual clothes, that way they don’t look sloppy. They usually pair up buttoned-down casual shirts with black linen vests together with nice ballet flats and a cool pair of loafers. Loafers and argyle socks look Together in the wardrobe of a celebrity. Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chanel Miller were often depicted as combining their black Casualanes with a vest for formal events.

Vests are the most informal of all the fashion vests. It’s one of the widest varicose extensions of vests. They are the one that fits the body most. They are less bulky than a shirt’s collar and seldom frame the face area. If you find one with a pretty large pocket, is only for casual dressing.


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