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Success is Not Alone

While success is certain, it is a community team that will assist you. You do not need to live at the edge of the earth to utilize the objective of this article.

The ultimate sense of success is in the Radionics field. It is within your power to call in and create the exact energies that create the purest energy of them all. Radionics is the science of the construction and manipulation of your radionics field for your benefit and to improve your own life as a whole and that of humanity as a collective.

How do you go about engaging the powers of radionics in your life? Approach your study of energy and health with an open mind and an open heart. Both are important. For everything worth having comes at a cost. A great deal of time, research, study, and preparation must be absorbed before any freedom can be gained and any progress made. Especially now and in the immediate future, there is much work to be done.

Freedom comes on all levels

Mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, path, in one form or another, in the Physical/Mental realms. There is only one path to pure consciousness, you will find that at the other end of that wave is the Pure Consciousness, and while you may not perceive the other as having a personality the relationship is just as real.

All things and all thoughts, all manifestation, are connected in your mind, as a hard seed. They become amorphous, changing expressions of Universal Life Force as they are formed into other things. If you plant a beautiful garden, what happens? It continues to grow, Young Living things rocking your bushel baskets. (It is what it is!) You attract what you need from your spiritual and physical activities.

Each of these areas is a particular field of consciousness that is cultivated by separate attributes, elements, and energies. The consciousness or the “hardness” of a field is the resistance of its elements towards other elements. It is natural that an individual field of consciousness forms in a condition of mutual support and power among its elements. It is a form of co-evolution that unfolds at all levels.

Venues, strictly speaking, are organized patterns for gaining access to this field. It is the cosmic equivalent of C.P.A.S.T. in that it is the same “wider Outside Level” and “branches” of Universal Intelligence. There can be no bigger, greater, or higher Ground Beyond Only Freedom, Choice, and Awareness than the level of Consciousness at the level of Miracle.

Physical mind

In surrendering the physical mind, limit your selection of what you can “see” on the screen of your mind. The full range of perception becomes available to you which will expand your experience of life and contribute to the ascension of Consciousness. It is, simply, the development of non- translation, and separation from the perception of limitation. There is no separation in the cosmic. You simply must not be!

We are, in fact, always at Home at the Centre, lying on the far outside edge of Unity. The most challenging choice to make in the Path of the finish is at the level of relationship between the elements, and the paths of Consciousness.

The very control and power, which you exercise over your earthly life, can be transmuted into Greatness if your attention is in the right place. Everything is Perfect this way. There is no reason at all of the limitation in this Reality. Consciousness is a great power, even over the physical processes of aging and death. We are the new salt, plant material to begin the preservation of new life in the world, our body, our beautiful world.

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