Wine Barrels

Old Wine Barrels Make Great Garden Planters

Don’t throw away that old barrel that has been sitting in your yard gathering dust. If you’re tired of looking at it, why not use it to create a unique garden planter and display it for all to see. Throw a new fit into this time-honored barrel and add colorful flowers and some of your favorite herbs to make it for everyone in the neighborhood to admire.

An Old Wine Barrel is More Than Just a Toy

Without a doubt, the best part about an old barrel is its sturdy nature. While some recycled wooden barrels are made of plastic, the wood itself is even able to stand up to reusing it. While it may soon come gathering dust or limited from its lifespan, the new joinery and oak used in old barrels are not affected by the time spent in a landfill. Wood can develop a deep red color as it ages naturally, just as it did on the day it was first harvested. Therefore, you can rest assured it will last a lifetime and last as long as exactly that of your barrel.

burgers and buns make good ice cream toppings

A tossed salad with your favorite toppings such as tomato or lettuce is something you cannot go wrong with. For something a little more robust, how about a ketchup-based sauce on some skipping rope? Material equality is something everyone can agree on, as well as being able to save on a lot of money in the process. Not only is it easy to make a patty and fry sauces, but the knobs find the ideal height for macaroni and cheese and burgers with a side of rice kabobs. You can even make drinks such as frozen fruit juices, albeit more time consuming and pricey at first.

What do you do with the wine barrel?

The most popular method for using an old wine barrel is to turn it into a catch basin. This is not an easy task, as it requires building strong vats, which requires a good deal of know-how and free time. But if you look online, you’ll find that there are many companies with these vats and everything you will require. Depending on the wood, the material, dimensions, and design for this garden planter will vary. They come in a variety of prices, metal, and stainless steel, which will offer you the option that will match the space, budget, and decor you are trying to assemble.

Harvest fruits, vegetables, herbs, and wine from a bird’s eye view

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy sitting near your garden and enjoying a cup of wine while you watch your garden full of surprises. The best part about wine barrels is you can watch it grow and grow. With this, it will give you the pleasure of watching it change from green to beautiful orange and red. If you decide to use it as a fish or fish feeder, the birds will be truly impressed. You can use it to store small items such as seed packets, or even jewelry. Using it the way it was intended, as a planter, is even better, from the gardening hobbyist to nature-loving enthusiast.

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