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Learning to Trust Your Body

As an energy-focused professional coach, I have the privilege of working with many different people each year. Throughout coaching with each of them, I have noticed a common pattern, seen even in otherwise successful people. Each one of us can access the answers we need within ourselves, by unlocking that part of ourselves which knows and listens to our body’s needs. We don’t need anyone else to tell us we are OK; we can look deep within ourselves and be reminded of our truth.

I have also noticed that our experiences are always a reflection of how we are feeling from within. Some people are more aware of the needs of their bodies than others. Imagine what it would be like for everybody to be in this state. What would the world look like? What would it be like for each one of us to live from our knowledge of our truth and authenticity, irrespective of what storms might be raging outside? It might only take a small leap of faith for us to do this. Trusting our inner guidance and following this guidance will lead us ultimately towards this beautiful and abundant reality.

Pay attention to your body

It might be helpful to start by giving full attention to our bodies. Settle down, steady your heart, slow down, and enjoy the moment. The conscious connection of your mind and body will create a significant opening which is helpful to the next four suggestions.

Notice your physical feelings – noticing how you are physically at this moment is important because our body will speak to us depicting our foundations, the true users of this body.

Be aware of the way you are feeling – wherever you are in your body from what are you feeling, is where you are creating your reality. Look with curiosity and accept your right to be what you are, without judgment.

Watch, listen, and respond to the communications from your lower seven chakras. The higher six chakras are the access controls to your body. The lower seven chakras represent your animal nature and hence the leadership of them. When you feel these chakras open, the space which is between your eyes and ears and between your pit, jewelry, and your feet is open and clear. When your lower chakras are open and balancing, you feel balanced and are capable of full connection to your higher self.

When you are feeling balanced and open, you will become aware of a universal invitation. Hopefully, this invitation will lead you towards the expression of your authentic self. The universal invitation is a common language between all parts of your body, which communicates with the corresponding pattern of your heart and soul.

You need no special training

The ‘being’ part of the above level of Trusting your Own Body requires that you just follow your body’s initial instructions. For example, let’s say you go to the gym and lift some weights to give yourself more upper body strength. The first thing you will notice is that you will feel more up and relaxed. You have so much more confidence; lifting the weights feels easier, and your body is responding to your commands.

Recognize when your body is showing honesty by responding to your 95000 everyday commands. It is the truth of how you are feeling, and it is your truth. Following your commands will achieve and guide you towards what you want.

Be your boss, and trust your own body

We all have our physicality, it is an integrated part that we must learn to listen to, praise, and respond to. You can learn your self by listening to your body. So next time you hear your body saying no, do not doubt it. Instead, acknowledge it and try to find all the aspects that you need to listen to.

In the beginning, the only way might have been to listen to your body, however, most of us need to abandon this pursuit. Our physicality is just that – physically, however, to get to understand our identity and how our physicality serves us is a great journey of self-discovery. Know that your physicality will guide you to your truth.

Many of you think that awareness through headphones is a 100% solution when Yeshav Served/Yoga intake is being taught. However, lately, Eastern bicycles have offered a unique solution to neuroscience through headphones for many people. The knowing that lies beyond all communication through headphones, which points us back to us. When you realize how much you are not listening to your body, you realize that you are not in tune with your truth. Dis-connection is at the core of what we experience in life, but the power lies in integrating getting back within the body connection. When you have a connection with yourself, you can trust your inner guidance.

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