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Clutch Bags – Carry On With Style

A clutch bag is a bag without handles, carried as an evening bag, and sometimes, if the style permits, carried and used by men. When a woman takes a clutch bag to a party, she is probably unsure of its purpose, whether it will be used for storing money, or for clutch French maid gloves. Eager young women frequently carry them in their purses, even if they never use them.

The popularity if clutch bags

Their popularity undoubtedly owes something to the glamour attached to them. A woman deeply admires a woman – or a man admires a woman – carrying a ‘clutch.’ It is almost as romantic as slipping on a naked girl on the red carpet.

Can anything be more sensual? A leather clutch, encased in dark red leather, perhaps? One may be tempted to think of Kylie Minogue’s famously sexy redone in the X Factor final. But hands are not the only lingerie accessory meant to be flaunted. Carrying a bag of lingerie, or a clutch wallet that can hold only a few cards will certainly expose more to an audience’s interest.

The best clutches for a sleepless night are those that slip off easily – and that’s a good thing since getting caught in a traffic jam can be a nightmare. Nylon and satin can do the trick. They must have a circular opening at the top, or they appear altogether too enormous.

What about those evening gloves? 

It is advisable to own at least one. They’re small, perhaps just a quarter the size of a wallet, and probably sit neatly inside another concealing bag. Those that are produced in the finest quality, fondly called ‘proper evening gloves’, can be found in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors. The color ‘black’ is a perennial favorite but red, at least as bright and incense, must be avoided. Better to have a simple wrap in black, or a Picard neck themed leather clutch with fedora hat if the evening is sleek.

You’ll find a clutch bag easily becoming the most coveted evening accessory – the one that gets spotted time and time again – and the one that gets the ladies ‘Wow’ themselves with its whiff of perfume. It’s a perfect size, big enough to pack in just about everything a woman needs to carry along, perhaps a toothbrush for teeth maintenance, tissues for a rash, Codes for her cell phone, a propane gas mask, a bit of cash, and an extra pashmina if necessary. A basic black clutch is almost always a winner, whether it’s a Can-Can, Dorothy Perkins, Christian Dior, Givenchy, or a cheap knockoff.

How to find the right clutch bag

Looking for the right clutch to carry you through the evening can be fiddly though. Start with what you need, such as makeup, a compact, lip gloss, cash, your credit card, and your mobile phone. Then add to your requirements such as a pen, impression, compact eyeliner, smelling salts, cologne, eau de toilette, cologne for a romantic evening, deodorant, hair clips, and even a hair book or a mini mini-dress.

If the outfit calls for a simple color you will be able to carry subtle variants of black, such as an amethyst clutch, purple clutch, sparkling gold clutch, or a beaded clutch, in fairly no time at all. Four elastic pockets – one for each hand and one on the fold – hold discount perfume, make-up, accessories, and credit cards. Other more exotic skins such as the black cat’s paw or the white tiger’s paw are difficult to fit into the compact, and thus, confusing, for the customer.

Choose a clutch that is at least 4 inches wide, has a shoulder strap that is at least 4 inches in diameter, and closes with a magnetic snap. The clasp should be made of easy-to-clean brass. Failing that, opt for a clasp with a die-cut inlay made of metal which has a hollow space with no closure. This will ensure the clutch has a fixed holding point and will take up more space. Purse hooks are the hallmark of a clutch bag. The shape of the hook should be such that stays secure, whether in the hand or on the shoulder. Most often the clutch’s hooks revolve around a central line or button. Ensure that the clutch’s hook is always closed, never open.

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